top of page's work-in-progress (wip) project series has been initiated by Eda Er and Aslı Kobaner with the staging of Nure Onna in 2018. After a long break, the series returns with a focus on the production process of artistic creation, primarily a sound-oriented one. What is a “finished” or “completed” artwork, what does it essentially indicate? How does different interpretations and readings of recipients challenge this state of being finished, being complete? The wip duo starts their research based on questions alike and heads towards co-compositional pieces, with their first single "1,5" released early 2020. Through collective production frameworks such as semi-planned improvisation, improvisation, and open form, the duo acts with the principle of an ever-evolving artistic experience while passing through different phases of production (individual composition/design, rehearsal, preparation etc.) in a self-reflexive process-oriented manner. Regarding an “almost-finished” project, or the development of an idea from scratch, what matters is being together, asking questions and the courage to create. The project also aims to collaborate with artists from various disciplines in the long run.

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