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Asli Kobaner 

Aslı Kobaner has started her interrupted journey with music around the age of 7 with piano and proceeded with guitars. Since then she has been involved in various underground
Punk/Hardcore/Metal bands. In 2005, she attended the Audio Design Programme, Composition Department at Yildiz Technical University, and completed her post-graduate composition education at Istanbul Technical University, MIAM. Throughout her engagement in composition she worked on short movie soundtracks, radio spots, video games, commissions for contemporary music ensembles and other multimedia. She also attended masterclasses and seminars of Beat Furrer, Stefan Prins, Kaija Saariaho, Fred Lerdahl, Georg Friedrich Haas, Rebecca Sanders, Ute Wassermann, Klaus Lang, Klaas de Vries and İlhan Usmanbaş among others. She continues her works as a doctoral candidate at ITU MIAM while participating improvisation activities and related research.

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